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We want to give something back to the planet, something good, as a sign of deep gratitude for what it gives us.

In recent years we have analysed our sector a lot, realizing how sustainability and attention to the environment are often put to the test. With this awareness in mind, we have worked to be our best version, because:

a sprout can also grow between the asphalt.

We focused on our production chain with the aim of outlining a sustainable creative process that prepares each project for responsible management.

About a year ago, we joined Treedom’s mission. We think it is essential to be able not only to contribute concretely to the safeguard of our planet, but above all we would like to create something shareable with our partners and collaborators.

Based on these assumptions, Tecnolab Forest was born: a great project that unites us.


Treedom projects aim to have a positive impact not only on the environment in which they intervene, but also on the people who inhabit it. This is why project areas are located in developing countries, where the benefits of trees can really make a difference.

A practical example?
Often projects are implemented in areas where the practice of annual monoculture has taken hold, such as corn, beans, cereals or wheat. Because these crops grow very quickly, and are able to give a first harvest already after a few months from sowing.

But in addition to impoverishing the soil, the choice of monocultures exposes farmers to market fluctuations and climate unpredictability.
At a time when both are unstable, it is a risk that these communities cannot afford to take.

Treedom projects do not distort the productive nature of the farmers’ land: they also preserve previous crops, but integrate them with species of trees that will enemy productive capacities.

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